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BH Education Consultancy/Merit/Study Consultancy* (Please choose ONE name, multiple gets confusing)

Booking Hospitality *Education Consultancy started in 2010 and is honoured to have provided quality educational services to hundreds of students each year. Our Education Consultancy provides the latest information to aspiring students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

*Merit/Education Consultancy/Study Consultancy mentor students who are interested in studying abroad. We guide these students and facilitate admissions in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, France, and more.

Our Services Include:

⦁ Choosing The Right Course

⦁ Choosing The Right University

⦁ Admission Guidance

⦁ Pre-Departure Briefing

⦁ Pre-Departure Briefing

As one of the top Educational Consultancies in Bangalore, Booking Hospitality provides students with international opportunities for high-quality education in a valuable learning environment.

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