Our Recognition

Our Proudest Moments

Awarded ‘Best Hospitality Services’ by Bangalore Mirror

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team at Booking Hospitality supported over 10,000 people who were stranded, away from the comfort of their homes. We helped people complete their quarantine process safely and moved them to their hometowns in sanitized cabs. We volunteered 2 lakh rooms a night for travellers to quarantine across India. Around 5 lakh meals were also provided.

No fees were charged for those with financial difficulties and health emergencies. We ensured that we provided free hotels, dormitories, food, ambulances, and cabs to those in need. Reuniting families during this challenging time was all the reward we required!

Trusted by Indian Armed Forces

Booking Hospitality has undertaken several events for the Indian Armed Forces – including the Ministry Of Defence, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Coast Guard, DRDO, CISF, and armed forces selection centers. To support the growth of Booking Hospitality, we also have 2 ex-officials of the armed forces to join us.

We currently supply accommodation to the Indian Armed forces,  at specified rates.

⦁ International Exposure

In 2021, we had the honor of being part of the Aero India Show. We accommodated 1000+ and catered 12,000 meals every day for all 10 days. We also ensured a comfortable stay for most of the Indian Armed Forces.
Humanitarian Efforts

Our team at Bh Leisure Infra prides itself on giving back to our community. We work with multiple NGOs to provide hundreds of meals a day to their beneficiaries.

⦁ Awarded ‘Best Management Food Outdoor Catering Services’ Certificate, especially for our contribution to our clients at Air India & Air Asia, Indian Airforce, Aster Hospital, Ministry of Defence and more

Agreement With Hotels Channel Partners & NOC Letters

Booking Hospitality has an agreement as aggregators with Pan-India hotels to provide accommodation to our clients, at the best pre-decided prices. We have received the NOC from the respective partner hotels to provide accommodation within the agreed range of reimbursement.